EVLTOur treatment goal is to restore normal circulation in the leg. This is accomplished by closing the refluxing vein and eliminating locations where blood can pool (large varicose veins). EVLT (Endovenous Laser Therapy) is a technique in which a thin glass laser fiber is inserted into the refluxing vein. As the energy from the laser is delivered through the fiber and out the tip, the fiber is slowly withdrawn and the vein closes behind it. This is done in the office under local anesthetic. EVLT has emerged as the most popular technique in the country due to it's high rate of success and excellent safety profile.


Bulging varicose veins just under the skin are removed by a second procedure done at the same time as the EVLT called micro-phlebectomy or ambulatory phlebectomy. This procedure, like EVLT, is done in the office under local anesthetic. A series of tiny punctures are made over the affected area and a special hook is used to remove the loops of vein. Cosmetic results are usually excellent.


Some veins are best treated by injection of a medicine which causes the vein to close through a scarring process which occurs on the inside of the vein wall. These medicines are called sclerosants. It is not uncommon to employ all three techniques - EVLT, micro-phlebectomy and sclerotherapy - on the same leg.